Wundor City Guide Los Angeles


Guide(s) that will inspire a generation of travellers to explore, rather than be led.

 Rachel Ramsay, Travel Documentary Producer, Channel 4


From the top beach spots to the hottest barista-staffed coffee spots, from Silver Lake to Downtown to Compton to the Arts District... put the pedal to the metal in Los Angeles, or better yet, take a walk with us through the best and the best-hidden places in the City of Angels.

The LA guide contains over 100 beautiful photographs and illustrations, advice on geographical and cultural navigation, a directory of the best places to visit, original long-form writing from former LA poet laureate Luis J Rodriguez and much more.

Our guides help you to make your own adventure in the city you are visiting. They offer up authentic insights and views from experienced visitors and residents to enable you to experience the place as the locals do.

Wundor City Guides are for the traveller who wants to go beyond the obvious, and for the reader and the lover of images who is looking for inspiration, wherever they are in the world.

There is a myth that all cities are turning into the same place. We know that they remain gloriously unique.


240 pages

Binding: card + glossy dustjacket. Photobook paper

Format: 210mm x 150mm

ISBN: 978-0-9956541-9-8

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