Bopper's Progress by John Manderino

Bopper's Progress by John Manderino


This title is released on 1 March in the US and Canada and will ship worldwide from this date. It is released on 12 March in the UK and will ship within the UK on this date

American novelist John Manderino’s latest work is a sparkling, hilarious novella, Bopper’s Progress. Told over the course of a day in the life of Bopper, a directionless young man who has found himself on a month-long Zen Buddhist retreat, Manderino probes life’s most challenging questions with sharp observations, uproarious dialogue, and a clarity of prose rarely found.

Manderino lives in Maine with his wife Marie, where he teaches college writing. He has published three novels, two short story collections and a memoir with Academy Chicago. A stage version of his memoir Crying at Movies was produced.

“Manderino’s work is able to poke fun at the fear that so ably sparks our imaginations, while simultaneously revealing a shared feature of humanity that is both reassuring and haunting in its own right.”

Cory Johnston, Books Editor, The Literary Review



ISBN: 978-0-9956541-8-1

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