The Bath Fugues by Brian Castro

The Bath Fugues by Brian Castro


"Brian Castro has been a great innovator in Australian fiction for decades."

– The Australian

"His way of working has produced startlingly original storytelling, the sort that reminds me, with joy, again and again, that anything is possible in literature."

– Sue Bond, Asian Review Of Books


The Bath Fugues is Castro at his best, in a wonderful performance wrought from intrigue, romance, deception – and comedy. The book is composed of three interwoven novellas, the first centred on an ageing art forger; the second on a Portuguese poet, opium addict and collector; the third told by a well-connected doctor, with a cabinet of venom, and an art gallery on the north Queensland coast. Around these characters circle others, in the contrapuntal manner of the fugue suggested by the book’s title.

Brian Castro is one of Australia’s most celebrated writers. Acknowledged for his prose style and brilliant use of language, Castro’s work has received wide critical acclaim and won major Australian literary prizes. Three of his works have been awarded the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award. In 2014, Castro was given the Patrick White Award for Literature for his contribution to Australian Literature.


PAPERBACK  |  300pp

ISBN: 978-1-9998996-2-2


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